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December 9, 2012
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.:Aelryn App: Viktor- Gear Master Extraordinair :. by bedheadd .:Aelryn App: Viktor- Gear Master Extraordinair :. by bedheadd


3 1/2


Russian Blue


[Hammer][Gloves][Gas Mask]
Viktor uses his hammer for a variety of reasons. The main two are:
Using it to help shape metals.
Smashing cat's faces in.
'Nuff said.

These gloves have been tailored especially for Viktor, and he has worn them for the majority of his life. They are woven from a special fibre that is resistant to heat and is extremelly tough, therefore very hard to tear. These gloves can also be used as a melee weapon however, as each 'knuckle' has a metal stud on, which can cause pain when hit by one.

[Gas Mask]
When working with hazardous materials or gasses, Vik is often seen wearing this gas mask. It covers only the lower half of his face and prevents any harmful gasses from being breathed in during work.


(Experianced) Gear Master

Quests Completed:


Viktor isn't very talkative, and prefers to keep to himself the majority of the time. He has a very strong accent, which almost resembles modern-day russian, although it isn't quite known where he was born. Due to his thick accent, he cannot pronounce many complex words, therefore he tends to not speak at all. If he is caught talking, it is usually giving simple orders to fellow crew members.

This tom has almost become acustomed to working for very long and tedious hours, therefore does not mind work at all. In fact, he enjoys it and uses it as a way of doing what he does best and showing off his skill at Gear Mastering. He has a body of that of a bear so to speak, and posseses great upper body strength, enabiling him to lift and carry loads which may take two average toms. He often feels the need to seclude himself whilst working, as he believes that others may distract him and cause his creations to not be up to his own standard.

Vik has a very short temper, although it is very hard to tell when he is going to snap due to his monotonous serious expression. Many traders and crew members in the past have stirred rumours up, stating that somewhere in his bloodline is wildcat, as Viktor is quite the formidabble foe to go toe to toe against. Using his Hammer, Vik can cause quite a fair bit of damage when provoked, however he can only go on like this for so long, as his endurance isn't very high.

Due to his rather bumpy past, Viktor finds it hard to trust other cats, especially other shifty-looking toms. He always keeps his guard up and a paw ready to reach for his weapon when meeting new cats. He will also become very protective of those he does trust and care for when around agressive beings, often acting like a makeshift body guard to the Captain and other high ranking cats.


Viktor was born to a very deprived family, living in a small claustrophobic room in a small house which was tailored to fit a couple and maybe up to three kits, wheras now it was several families. Viktor was the middle aged kit of one of these families, which were reknown for their blacksmithing skills throught the ages. Viktor had shown a interest in smithing all of his life, a spark which his father spotted early on. He often tried to get some alone time with his son, teaching the ways of blacksmithing. Viktors siblings often jeered at him, as he was always returning home covered in oil after helping out his father in the workshop.

[Young Life]

As time passed and most of his older siblings finding jobs of their own and making their own way in life, Viktor was left to help earn money for the household. This was due to the fact that his father was becoming too old for work, and his mother was coming down with a serious illness. Viktor, being the oldest, was sent out each morning to try and earn as much money as possible. His parents always thought that he had earned a place in the local farm, cleaning up the stables. What they did not know was that the farm owner had kicked him out, after a rather brutal fight between his own son and Viktor. Due to this, the only way he could scrape together some money was to become a common theif. He was forced to pick-pocket and steal from stores, just as any other low life criminal would of.

[Becoming a Pirate]

On the day of his 1st birthday, a speech was made in the center of the town which he lived, recruiting for ship hands to help out on the HMS Stallion, a fairly large airship. Viktor was spotted in the crowd by the speaker, a lanky young chap who was sporting a large bowler hat. Viktor cautiously entered up onto the stage, the speaker exclaiming how he could be the next big thing. The spokescat finished his speach, walking off with Viktor. Young Vik was then asked a few questions, such as his family background and what his skills where. When he talked about his interest in blacksmithing and creating small contraptions, he was imediately taken on board for a interview with the captain. Unknown to young Viktor, the Captain was actually in charge of a rather infamous pirate ship. Viktor joined the crew a month later, saying goodbye to his father with a tearful hug. Viktor then lead the life of a air pirate, and was put in the care of a very wise Gear Master, Otto.

[Joining Flyre]


:bulletred: Love
:bulletpink: Crush
:bulletpurple: Family
:bulletblue: Acquaintance
:bulletgreen: Friend
:bulletyellow: Unease/ Dislike
:bulletwhite: Respect
:bulletblack: Hatred

Roleplay Sample:

The air was still as the magnificent airship gracefully flew in the night sky, a soft night breeze rustling the small sails. The soft churning of gears and engines broke the stillness of the night. The crew of the Flyre were fast asleep, bar the Astronomer who was sitting at the point of this ship, maps sprawled everywhere, each one displaying all sorts of constilations and star signs. The meaty tom wiped his brow, his chest rising and falling deeply. A smudge of oil was spread across Viktor's brow where he had wiped away the sweat with a bear-like paw. His grey-brown eyes surveyed his handywork, the new engine shining a glossy copper colour. A faint smile reached his square maw as he reached for a stencil, engraving his signature onto his latest creation in gear mechanics and engineering
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