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March 31, 2013
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FR Application: Castor by bedheadd FR Application: Castor by bedheadd

Name: Castor
Nickname: Cast, Tory

:bulletred: Fur: Short and rough, mane is matted and in clumps.
:bulletred: Eyes: Light bluey pink, almost white.

Straight, but has no intention of having a mate.

Open closed

Age: 18 (human) years
Birthday: 10th November

Rank: Blacksmith

Gender: Male

Species: African Lion

Patron: Vulcan

Alignment: Lawful Good

Armor :
Prefers not to wear armour, but if he has to he usually wears leather and chain shoulder pads.
Weapons -
Often just uses tools around the shop.
:bulletblack: Goggles: Wears them almost 24/7, given to him by his father as a cub.
:bulletblack: Cloth bandages worn around his lower legs to stop any unwanted cuts and burns from the tools he uses- often filthy.


:bulletblue: Quiet: Castor is a very quiet character, as he never really speaks unless asked something. He keeps to himself the majority of the time and minds his own business, never caring for gossip or speaking about others. Some, when they first meet Cast, believe that he is mute due to the blankness of his expression caused sometimes by his eyes being covered constantly. When he does speak, his voice is usually quite quiet in it's self, and he only ever raises his voice if he's speaking to a deaf customer or if he's extremely annoyed.

:bulletblue: Friendly: This blacksmith is a very easy going and friendly guy, as he never judges on first 'sight.' [ Shh you'll find out lD ]He always treats others with respect, unless he's irked during working, which takes quite a lot. He tries to make friends with everybody he meets, although he does struggle with his shyness.

:bulletblue: Odd: Castor is a strange lion, and has his own ways of approaching things. He usually comes out with random ideas or solutions in the middle of a conversation, and he stands with his head tilted to the side slightly. He almost always has a smile on his face, and his two snuggle teeth give him the impression of a goofy character. He's often referred to as a bit of a inventor, and his ideas range from every day things to completely crazy contraptions.

:bulletblue: Timid: Cast is afraid of large and imposing characters, and his voice often lowers to a small whisper when speaking to strong customers. He never likes to pick fights, and prefers to stay out of the way of trouble makers. He is quite unsure of himself when he lands himself in a predicament, and becomes confused with simple social protocols, so he tries to keep conversation simple.

:bulletgreen: Cub-hood.
Castor's parents were a kind and gentle couple, his father a blacksmith and his mother a merchant, life was quite easy and comfortable. At the ages of 21 and 28 respectively, Aelia and Decimus decided to try for children. Aelia gave birth to twins, although one was still-born. The other, later named Castor, survived. He grew to be a very small cub, quite weedy and with no real muscle or stamina. In fact, Castor mostly sat around and built small towers out of pebbles and other materials. At around the age of 6, his father began to take him to his workshop and show him how to Smith, as he had noticed his son's interest for building things. As the weeks passed, Decimus began to realise that something about his son wasn't right. He responded and listened to his father intensely, but his clear blue eyes never seemed to absorb much of the demonstrations. When faced with looking at his tools, Castor could manage to pick the right one for the job, but seemed to be unable to spot the difference from a mere few inches away. Decimus soon came up with an idea to hide his son's problem, creating a pair of goggles to aid in his sight. Also, they blacked out the colour of his eyes from somebody looking at him, so it spared him from questions about his eyes.
:bulletgreen: Adolescence- Present
When Cast reached the age of thirteen, he began to work harder and harder in the workshop, doing more laborious tasks for his father as he began to age. At this time, Castor also began to try and make friends, as he was a rather lonely soul, yet after a series of rejections from other children his age, the young male gave up, and decided to let them come to him if they wanted to be friends. Many people were put off by his mask, and the blacked-out lenses made some uncomfortable, or so it was said.
In the present, Castor continues to work as a Blacksmith, taking over after his father as he became too old to work the machinery.

:bulletwhite: Unsure/ Acquaintance
:bulletblack: Dislike
:bulletblack::bulletblack: Hate
:bulletblue: Friend
:bulletgreen: Best friend
:bulletyellow: Family
:bulletorange: Close
:bulletred: Crush
:bulletpink: Love/ mate

:bulletgreen: | :bulletorange: | :bulletred:
R-Rechin is probably m-my be-est friend. S-She jutht gets me....But...I d-dunno...I get all f-fluttery when she'th around...I dunno w-what it is...S-She maketh me so happy..~

RP Example:

The heat of the furnace warmed the male's soot covered fur, smothering him from the cold night air. The young lion stumbled around in his workshop, sitting down and yawning softly on the cobble floor as he used a paw to wipe the soot and steam from his goggle's lenses. The soft clacking of wheels on the cobbled road outside broke the silence of the night, causing the male to jump slightly. He rose to his wide paws as a grin spread across his face. "T-Thats it!" he whispered under his breath, using his blurry vision to make his way over to the workbench as he pulled out a large chunk of slate, using a chalk rock to draw odd shapes and mechanical equations, a wild smile on his maw. The fire began to dim in the furnace, plunging the workshop into complete darkness, yet he still carried on working.

Coins: 0

Other Notes:
Castor speaks with a small lisp, and sometimes struggles pronouncing the letter s [If he's under pressure or nervous/Flustered] and he has a slight stutter.
E.g: 'Cathtor s-speaks with a l-lisp.'
He has never took off his goggles in public, and will only take them off if he's with somebody he trusts dearly. E.g, his Father or Mother.
Theme Song:… <3
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Nero stalked up to the lion, coming up on the male as he turned to whisper int heir ear.

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Oh jeebus
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sorry I should've caught that sooner ;A;
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