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November 17, 2013
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HoM: Donovan Smith by bedheadd HoM: Donovan Smith by bedheadd


Name: Donovan Smith
Nickname(s): Donny, Toad
Gender: Male
Age: 14 
Birthday: 26th January

House: Dullahan
Rank: Forest Patrol
Level: 1

 Donny spends a lot of his time by himself, thus not really having many friends. He becomes quite awkward when meeting new people for the first time, and very rarely speaks first. He has the tendency to shrink up inside himself when faced with large groups of people.

  Donovan can be very snappy and grumpy when he feels like it, and often 'wakes up on the wrong side of the bed'. He often just sulks around while he is in a mood, speaking even less than he already does and often just glaring at anyone he sees.


 Odd is the perfect word to describe Donny. He isn't really understood by a lot of people, and often just begins to talk about completely random nonsense. He has the tendency just to appear out of nowhere and often sticks to the shadows. This oddness has lost him the chance to make friends in the past, but it can also carry a strange sort of charm, as his strange ramblings usually have a certain charm to them.


  He is a very expressive kid, and while he is talking he often flails his hands, pointing and making gestures to emphasize his point. He isn't very good at hiding his emotions, especially if he is angry or upset, but when he is happy his whole character seems to buzz in a whole new light, something strange coming from such a usually reserved boy.

  Donny spent most of his younger life reading, and still does. He is a massive fan of detective and murder mysteries, and as a result has a very specific way of thinking. His train of thought is very methodical and precise, but can easily be de-railed and disepear for brief moments of time.

~ Starry nights
~...Preferably Biology
~......Or even Astrology when he feels like it
~ Italian food
~ Caves
~ His pet cat, Captain Pickles
~ Taxidermy 
~ Conspiracies, maaaaaaaaan!

- Crowded places
- Worms
- Deep water
- Fast flowing water
- Narrow gaps
- Physical exercise 

 Donovan was born into a large family, consisting mainly of Northern Irish blood. His mother left when he was a young child, due to reasons he still doesn't quite understand to this day. Growing up with a single father was tough, although with such a close-knitted family it was bearable. Donny was always deemed to be a strange child, even from an early age. His father worked as a taxidermist, sparking the child's interest from a very young age. His first word was even 'Stuffin''
 As he grew, Donny became more and more reluctant to interact with people, finding solace better with his pet cat or down in his back garden. He always had a fondness over animals, although this became slightly darker when he began to collect dead rodents, following in his father's footsteps and trying to preserve them as he did.  

Despite the admiration for his father's work, his actual dad never really took much of an interest in Donny as he grew older. He was often 'too busy' with work to give his son any attention whatsoever, causing Don to feel as he wasn't worth his time anyway.When Donny turned the age of 10, he found himself (as he usually did) wandering the outskirts of the small village he took residence. As he was walking along, his cat with all four of it's legs still fully intact trailing along behind him, a older kid seemed to appear out of nowhere. He instantly began to describe a wondrous clan of kids who didn't rely on the unpredictable beings that were adults, and that he had noticed Donny every now and then in the forest. Donny instantly took a liking to this idea of a secret House devoted to everything he was interested in. Instantly eager to join this 'Dullahan' House, he followed the scout back to the headquarters. Within a day or so he was accepted into the new society, receiving a small rodent's skull as a token. He named his new spirit Trevor because...Well..

Why not?


Name: Trevor
Gender: Male
Elemental Ability:
  Trevor is able to use a form of voodoo against his opponents. He rarely uses this ability unless it has been planned, as meticulous planning is needed to be able to use the voodoo doll. 
Weapon / Fighting Style: 
  Trev uses a wooden staff to fight with, using his naturally lanky build to aid him while fighting. He is surprisingly elegant in battle, and is quite light on his feet while fighting, although fights more in defence than offence.

  Like his Host, Trevor can be prone to fits of grumpiness, leaving him in a very sulky and withdrawn mood. He often snaps or just blatantly ignores others while feeling like this, and can be unaware of how mean he can be at times.

  Trevor acts like a stroppy teenage girl ninety percent of the time. He is quick to make snide remarks and scoffs at pretty much anything. He sways his hips and snaps his fingers, and complains nearly all of the time about something or other. 

  Despite his negative traits, Trevor is extremely caring about Donny. He makes sure everything is ok, which can be slightly irritating after the twentieth time he's asked in under five minutes, but shows he does have some compassion for another being, not just himself. 

  Even though Trevor is virtually naked all of the time, he still somehow manages to take an immense pride on his looks. He is horrified even thinking about getting himself dirty, which explains why he is so dainty while he fights, doing his best not to be hit or shoved to the ground.

Other information 
:bulletblack: Very sensitive about the birthmark on his face
:bulletblack: Can play the guitar /slightly/
:bulletblack: ...And has a surprisingly good singing voice

Roleplay example 
A scruffy male padded through the bushes, his tail dragging along behind him. He had spent most of the morning away from the camp, trying to find something to eat. One of the strange attributes of his personality was that he loathed having to rely on others, even if it meant easy food. He /hated it/. It made him feel useless, like a helpless little pup depending on it's mother. He could do what he damn well felt like. With this thought in mind he raised his slender muzzle slightly with smug pride, although it was no use. He was still hungry. Huffing softly, he continued to head back, his ears perking forward as he heard the flapping of wings. Aha! He suddenly bolted forward as he spotted the plump robin fly past, desperately trying to keep up with it as he dodged around trees and roots. He growled as he bird dissapeared through a bush, and he quickly jumped after it without hesitation, his eyes widening with surprise as he barrelled into another fox. "Ach!"
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