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August 18, 2012
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Skullbound App: Rorick by bedheadd Skullbound App: Rorick by bedheadd
For the awesometacular group :iconskullbound:
Updated: 07/04/2013

Got in, awwww yearrrrrrrh -3- Thanks guys! :D


Rorick ( Lock )



Life Force:



Thick 'collar' around his neck, sealed with a steel padlock.


Extremely stocky and strong, Lock is the owner of tree-trunk like legs and has a very thick neck, and has a powerful jaw. He has a row of spines running down his neck and back, all of which are joined together by pieces of thin skin. He has tattoos on his face which are the same colour as his life force, and a extremely strong rudder-like tail which enables himself to power through water, plus allying as a very valuable weapon. His skull has a small crack in after a fight when he was younger. He has very sharp yet ragged and broken teeth jutting out of his mouth, almost like shattered glass. He has very short slick fur covering his body, apart from his stomach and the tips of his hind toes where a protective layer of scales have formed. His spines are striped, whereas his body has patches of darker fur and spots.




Rorick is a very sly and cunning Skullbound. He 'struggles' with keeping secrets and almost seems to enjoy getting dirt on others which he can use as blackmail. He is often found eavesdropping on important conversations, and usually reports the news to the Resistance.


Anger is one of his main problems, as he has a very short temper, which often leads to him picking fights and starting petty arguments. He hates being proven wrong or being put in his place. He often uses his large build in a intimidating way, to get information from other Skullbounds or even to steal.


Rorick seems to lack mercy, especially during fights or arguments. He uses everything to make the opponent quit, or announce that they have lost. He doesn't mind using insults that cut very deep, and enjoys watching others suffer. Some say that it is due to all the time he spends in the freezing rivers, but deep down he knows that they are oblivious to the true reason, but it 'Sounds cool' so he just rolls with it, almost earning the rank of a bully.

Likes and Dislikes:

:bulletgreen: Water: Rorick is most at home in the rivers and waterbodies of the Labyrinth and is also at his most poweful, as he can be quite clumsy and slow on land.

:bulletgreen: Sleeping. Rorick can be extremely lazy guy at times, which can lead to him being very late to things or falling asleep on the job.


:bulletblack: Being woken up. Due to his bad temper, being woken up by someone else can cause him to seriously flip, often including biting and hissing.

:bulletblack: The Council. After his parents died, with some of the council around them, he automatically targeted them and blamed them for the death of his father. He tries to avoid Skullbounds which have power, as he is afraid of losing his temper, however, he has become accustomed to speaking as little as possible around those he distrusts.

Brief History:

[Only Child]

He was raised in a family consisting of a Father. He was abandoned at birth by his true parents, and was found alone beside a river bank. The adult male took pity on the child, as was in his nature, and raised him as his own, naming the child Rorick.
His new father worked as a TideCaller, and often young Rory would watch him from a distance, becoming more and more fascinated with the things the job included, inspiring him to work towards growing in his Foster father's footsteps.

[Murder, he cried]

At the young age of 30, Rorick was becoming more and more outgoing and adventurous. He was often found sneaking around stalls and even homes. He also started to swim a lot more, and found a sanctuary in the rivers which flowed in the Labyrinth.
As he returned from his little wanderings, he found his father lying dead inside their home. Obviously, members of the community and a odd council member had gathered around, as his death was unknown, but to young Rorick, this was the thing he latched onto in his grief, blaming those around his father for him dying. Although he has never admitted it, he has no reason to believe this, but as he grew older the lie became more and more like the truth, and he started to believe it like it was fact.


At the age of 100, Rorick got his tattoos as a way of annoying his mentors at the time, as they were very strict and wanted to keep him looking very smart and strong. He did anything he could to provoke their anger, although his talent in the water stopped the tutors from ending the lessons once and for all. He became more and more popular with the TideCallers, many of which commenting on his late father, and how he shown him all he needed to know before he was ready, which caused Rorick to snap at them, often telling them to be quiet, obviously trying to act older than he was.
As he passed the rank of Seeker and became a full Tidecaller, he joined the Resistance, as he was involved with a conversation with one of it's members, who remarked that they could use 'Muscle like you'. At the time, Rorick had never really heard of them, but as the conversation turned to the Council, he automatically decided that he was going to join, his mind set on finally getting revenge...


:bulletwhite: Respect
:bulletwhite: :bulletwhite: Utmost respect/ Loyal to
:bulletyellow: Acquaintance
:bulletgreen: Envy
:bulletgreen::bulletblack: Hate
:bulletorange: Friend
:bulletorange::bulletorange: Best Friend
:bulletpink: Crush
:bulletred: Love
:bulletred::bulletred: Mate
:bulletblack: SpiritBound

Role-play example:

The dark figure moved silently through the murky river, his blood red eyes emitting a eerie glow. The top of a bony snout was visible, just poking out the surface of the water. Every now and then a low his escaped the creatures mouth, his tail moving him efficiently through the slow moving liquid.
He came up to the bank of the river, using his powerful forepaws to drag his heavy body onto the land. He grunted with the effort, but managed to lift his whole mass out of the water. Everywhere was dark, as per usual, and the only light was coming from the lanterns, which were hanging up every few meters. He walked slightly clumsily, almost waddling towards his destination. A discreet hut appeared up ahead of him, and he whispered into the door 'Oi, it'ssss Lock.' He rasped, his usual hiss slipping onto the 's's.
The door opened with a slight creek, breaking the silence around him. 'Welcome!' A voice said, filled with a certain coldness yet, it contained the power of a leader.
'Welcome, let the meeting of the Resistance, BEGIN!'
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